Fall Impressions Vienna 2013

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Summer’s last hurrah breezed hurriedly past us. A month in Fürth for my kids, weeks around Italy and Hungary with hubby and some days in Frankfurt for me are now all sweet memories waiting to be told on this blog. For now, I have been walking around crunchy leaves, on yellow pavements and with trees that are either orange, yellow, red and brown. Autumn…the most nostalgic season for me has arrived and here are some of my impressions – I took a lot of photos so this would probably be a series – nature’s changing colors as seen through my lens.

vines on slalom
fall, autumn vienna
Dad and kids by the Danube…

If you are planning to visit Vienna in autumn, here are the key events happening this season (usually September until November).

1. Vienna Fashion Week

Held at the Museum Quartier, it takes to stage Austrian and international designs.

2. Long Nights at the Museums

For 14 years now, one can visit all participating museums around the city which usually costs at least 5€ each entrance fee with an all-inclusive ticket ranging from 11-13€. This is simultaneously happening in other cities as well. Bus fare is also included in the amount paid, so consider this a total steal! History-lovers, art-enthusiasts and even music-afficionados, this is the perfect time to come!

yellow and sun…
Daughter amidst dry, pretty leaves

3. Tennis Trophy

This year, the event is officially called Erste Bank Open. Originally, it was an event of the Grand Prix tennis circuit (1974–1989). It is currently part of the ATP World Tour 250 series of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) World Tour. It is held annually at Vienna’s Wiener Stadthalle, since 1974.

4. Viennale – Vienna International Film Festival

The festival features a collection of new films from around the world. It also presents national and international premieres. To promote other artists, not only new feature films in various film genres are shown, the festival focuses on documentary films, short films, experimental films and crossover productions.

fall slide
Waiting for the kids…
Crunchy walk…
leaves in autumn
Leaves fall

Fall Impressions Vienna

If you are planning to visit Vienna in autumn, here are the key events happening this season (usually September until November).

There are a lot more events, may be not as big as the four mentioned above, worth attending to when in Vienna at this season.

If any of those listed doesn’t interest you, it is always a good time to roll over a pile of leaves and capture the colours of the earth as a souvenir. ^_^

It is also the best time to stroll around, the Schönbrunn palace would be a wonderful landscape of carpeted golden, yellow leaves! It’s also a good chance to meet new people, that is if you are the friendly type of person.  Otherwise, you can also go people-watching (or eavesdropping if you fancy. 😀 Kidding!)

You can also listen to buskers around the metro, sing a line or two, drop them some coins and go on your way – window shopping or actually shop – October means inventory sales. I’m sure that walking about the city would bring you to a lot of corner stores that hold some trinkets worth taking home.

Finally, drink a cup of melange from one of Vienna’s older coffee shops or even the more modern ones that sprouted like mushrooms all over the city – have a chunk of what the City of Coffee and Cakes has to offer.



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