• Most Livable City 2019!
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    Vienna is the Most Livable City for 2019!

    Vienna did it again: topping Mercer’s list of the most livable cities for the 10th time now! While there are  other lists with their own criteria, we have only featured Mercer’s list here. The write up and photos for 2018 is here and for 2017, here. Mercer’s rankings factors the following: housing, economy, political and social environment, and health considerations, to determine the quality of living in each city. The Economist publishes a similar report and for the first time, Vienna topped its list – overtaking Melbourne that has been the no.1 since its inception.

  • Most Livable City, for the 9th Time!
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    Vienna: Most Livable City, for the 9th Time!

      Last year’s Mercer’s quality of living survey placed Vienna on the top spot, and not to disappoint, this lovely city tops it again this year – the ranking includes 231 cities. Vienna: Most Livable City, is followed by Zurich (2), Auckland and Munich (in joint 3rd place), Vancouver is in 5th place (same as last year) which completes the top five and is the highest ranking city in North America.  Sunny Singapore also placed (25) and Montevideo (77) – which are the highest ranking cities in Asia and Latin America respectively. For 2018, Mercer provided a separate ranking on City Sanitation, this category analyses the cities’ waste removal and sewage infrastructure, the…

  • Most Livable City, For the 8th time
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    Most Livable City, For the 8th time

      Vienna emerged as the most livable city for the 8th time per Mercer’s ‘Quality of Living’ survey (March 2017). And while I have been featuring a chunk of Vienna for the past 10 years (almost), it felt as though the result is not as surprising. While the survey has a number of criteria in benchmarking various cities, I can only prove Vienna’s livability through the photos featured here, through the years. Here are some of the favourites. Volksgarten in full bloom and the Rathausman on his tower in the background. Vienna is green…yet many-hued. Not only the Volksgarten thrive with colourful roses, tulips, and other fragrant blossoms, all the…

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